How to perform a Maintenance kit Reset on HP LaserJet 4350

NOTE: Only perform this procedure AFTER a new maintenance kit has been installed.  Do not use this procedure to temporarily clear the PERFORM PRINTER MAINTENANCE message.

To Reset or Clear the Maintenance Kit Count Via Control Panel:


  1. Turn the printer off...wait few seconds
  2. Turn the printer on.
  3. When you see the memory count begin, Press and hold the key.
  4. When all three LED lights remain lit, release the key. (Note: The LED’s will flash initially. Do not release the key until all LED’s are solidly lit.)
  5. After releasing the key a message Select Language appears on the display, use (UP ARROW button) or (DOWN ARROW button) to scroll through the options
  6. When “New Maintenance Kit” is displayed, Press Key to select it.
  7. If a bootloader password has been set, a prompt to enter the password will be displayed in the control panel. Input the bootloader password and press the Key to confirm the entry.
  8. The printer should continue its boot sequence.

Note: A printer boot sequence is complete when READY appears on the control-panel.

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